Just as a diamond has many facets, Diamond Ice customers have many uses for our ice products. We offer wholesale ice products and retail ice products; same-day delivery or scheduled delivery, as well as dock pickup at our manufacturing plant.

Diamond Ice is proud to supply our ice products to the community through a variety of channels:

Individual Customers

Prefer the taste and convenience of our ice and purchase it at their neighborhood store
Stock up on our bagged ice for special events (parties, barbeques, etc.)
Purchase our 300 lb. crystal clear blocks for carving

Caterers/Event Planners

Also depend on Diamond Ice for bagged ice, block ice, snow ice, dry ice
Rely on the quality of our crystal clear blocks for carving

Produce Growers/Distributors

Ice packing for fruits and vegetables

Other Diamond Ice customers include:

  • Restaurants
  • Schools, churches and other institutional customers
  • Athletic and other events
  • Event trailers available for large events

A note to Grocery, Convenience Store and Marina customers:
Diamond Ice provides and maintains the merchandise box.